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Schools and special educators play a significant role in the advancement of children with special needs, so it is important to have the right tools. Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) give you a good goal, but how do you handle the day-to-day tasks of working with students?

Let ABPathfinder’s Lesson Planning Software improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the daily management of behaviors and tracking a student’s progress toward IEP goals.

ABPathfinder’s software improves the creation, implementation and management of lesson plans by providing special educators with an intelligent online data management tool and real-time data capture. You can use the software to create behavior plans, and provide paras tools for working with the students. Educators will spend less time preparing plans and more time teaching, and students will achieve better outcomes.

Keep in mind – ABPathfinder’s software is not exclusive to Autism. In fact, you can load any curriculum into the software, using it as Lesson Planning Software for all children in a Special Education environment. We’ve even added a behavior module to help educators reduce problem behaviors and encourage positive interactions with their students.

ABPathfinder’s web-based support software tools assist schools and special educators, allowing them to:

  • Reduce administrative time to create and implement lesson plans
  • Track, assess and remedy behavior challenges
  • Capture more accurate and timely information which is essential for tracking IEP goals and objectives
  • Improve team communication via collaboration, document sharing and the ability to track work by paraeducator
  • Maintain privacy with a FERPA-compliant platform
  • Provide documentation required for instances such as program funding or due process hearings
  • Improve outcomes and progress for your students


Let ABPathfinder’s Lesson Planning Software improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your classroom. Take the next step.

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