Use ABPathfinder's Assessment Builder to create individualized therapy programs in minutes.
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Collect data on any web-enabled device, including tablets, smartphones and PCs. Or use good, old trusty paper. Your call.
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In just seconds, ABPathfinder develops graphs that give you instant information about a child's progress.
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ABPathfinder helps you analyze a child's progress and recommends mastery, maintenance skills and alerts you to challenges in the learning curve.
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Cut your administrative time by 50%

Lower costs and reduce hours with our Autism Software for Therapy Management

ABPathfinder Autism Therapy Management Software

Autism therapy software by ABPathfinder is a therapy management tool to aid therapists in defining and administering therapy programs for patients with autism. Therapists save administrative time, reduce staff training costs and improve the quality and consistency of therapy delivery, helping patients gain skills faster.

Our software supports BCBAs, Therapy Professionals and Special Educators by making administrative tasks more efficient and effective. Baselines, discrete trials, real-time ABA data collection and graphing, customizable skill-sets, etc.

More importantly, ABPathfinder is designed to import your therapy protocols or work with one of our premium protocols. Simply work with our implementation team, and we'll tailor the system to meet your therapy needs. You don't have to change anything about the way you do therapy, you're just provided with better tools to help.

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ABPathfinder Announces Investment Round Led by FCA Venture Partners

NASHVILLE, TN │Overland Park, KS – (November 19, 2014) – ABPathfinder, a cloud-based tool to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of autism therapy, is pleased to announce a significant Series A investment by FCA Venture Partners, a Nashville-based healthcare venture capital...

Taking a Stand

Why ABPathfinder chose not to exhibit at a recent conference Last month, ABPathfinder had the opportunity to exhibit at a national autism conference in our own backyard. Relative to other conferences, it would have been very inexpensive for us to exhibit there. Since conference...

Software Engineer

Get Started on the Right Foot – Build a Career that Makes a Difference Immediate opening for mid-level developer at exciting Overland Park startup, ABPathfinder.  ABPathfinder’s software helps kids with Autism get better faster by providing a tool for therapists to be more...
autism data collection

Technology Inevitability in Autism Data Collection

There’s a revolution happening in ABA data collection. Until recently, therapists have been challenged to use the same autism data collection tools that were available to B.F. Skinner in the 1950s. A few people added Excel to the mix, but for the most part, paper and pencil were...